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I greatly enjoyed this book. Very inspirational. I believe it is a true example of the belief ” Once a Marine, always a Marine “. Living ones life with dreams and ambitions and living your life in a manner that allows you to accomplish your goals. Adapt and overcome. Mr. Adams leads an extraordinary life and allows the reader a glimpse into some of his many accomplishments.

Matthew R. Cooper

Living with integrity


Readers' Reaction

“Conspiracy” is one impactful biography. The author leads an accomplished life and takes readers into them, especially in the hardest hurdle he had to surpass—sparking inspiration to strive for one’s dreams and to stand up for what is right. I highly recommend this book!

Author Alfred Adams is a living example of willpower. His determination to reach for his dreams is something that should be published, and indeed, his book “Conspiracy” is a privilege to read. You should too!!!
What an inspiration! Alfred Adams is someone to look up to, so his memoir “Conspiracy” is a life story to know about and learn from, especially young readers. His successes prove that possibilities are as limitless as your perseverance.

For someone who once wanted to pursue a career in aviation, Mr. Alfred Adams is totally amazing! His beautiful story of realizing this path after taking different others is so empowering, mostly because I wasn’t able to pursue mine. And despite the difficulty he faced later on, he still powered through. Truly a beacon of hope!

“Conspiracy” has been a beneficial book for me. Discovering other people’s stories is a great way to learn and even unlearn a lot of things. Thank you Mr. Alfred Adams for sharing your wonderful story! Your book—how you pursue your dreams and own your truth—truly empowered me.